Ethyl & The Regulars

 Denver's Premier Honky Tonk, Western Swing and Hillbilly Boogie Band


The Closers

 The blues...no apologies. This ain't rock dressed up as the blues. Digging deeper down to the roots of the American Musical Experience....The blues is a long train baby, swingin', jumpin', chuggin'...from Texas to Chicago, New Orleans to Los Angeles...all aboard, we got plenty of room.

St. Baldricks

Shave Your Head!!  St. Baldrick's head-shaving events are where it all began. Nearly half a million shaved heads later, they’re still our most popular fundraiser.  
Kids with cancer often lose their hair during treatment. As a "shavee," you’ll shave your head to show your support — and in the process, inspire friends and family to donate to childhood cancer research. 

NEW YEAR'S EVE - The Outliers

Blues Bar and Cajun Cafe

Bob Margolin



Ryan Chrys & The Rough Cuts

Ryan Chrys and the Rough Cuts formed in January, 2013, and have since been touring steadily through the North, Mid and South West states. The core of the band is made up of Ryan Chrys on guitar and vocals, Bradley Weaver on lap steel and vocals, Paul Lanier on bass and Vic Stauffenberg on drums. In their home state of Colorado they often perform as 5 or 6 members with Laura Quam on violin and Josh Skelton on second guitar. Ryan, Bradley and Paul all knew each other for years through performing in the Denver scene. Their dedication, talent and mutual taste in music lead them to join together and with the addition of Vic on the drums they found the unique, edgy, country sound that defines them now.

Gumbo le Funque

Expect to hear some music that makes you want to jump up and dance when Gumbo le Funque hits the stage.  Although the band plays a mix of traditional New Orleans tunes and some of their new original songs, they add a little funk to whatever they do.