Banana PB&J Sour   13
Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey, Creme de Banane, Orgeat, Lemon Juice & Strawberry Jam

Banana Rum Old Fashioned   13

Uncle Nearest 100 Proof Whiskey, Light Rum, Creme de Banane & Bitters

Cherry Mule   10

Italian Sour Cherry Gin, Lemon Juice & Ginger Beer

Hurricane   10

A NOLA classic!  House made.  Light Rum, Dark Rum, Passion Fruit, Orange Juice, Lime Juice & Grenadine

Hurricane Mimosa  10

Italian Sour Cherry Gin & Fever Tree Citrus Tonic   10

Italian Sour Cherry Gin & Fever Tree Citrus

King Cake Daquiri   10

Light Rum, Lime Juice, King Cake Syrup

Pecan Island Iced Tea   13

Light Rum, Vodka, Praline Pecan Liqueur, Limoncello, Iced Tea

Vieux Carre Boilermaker   12

Another NOLA classic!  View Carre shot (whiskey, cognac, sweet vermouth, benedictine & bitters) served with a Stella

BEER LIST  Ask your Bartender about Bucket Specials

Dad Beers   4

Pabst Blue Ribbon


Domestic   4.5

Coors Banquet

Coors Light

Miller Lite

Miller High Life


Bud Light

Premium Domestic   5

Mike's Hard Black Cherry

Woodchuck Cider

Angry Orchard Cider

Michelob Ultra

Abita Amber

Ultimate Domestic   5.5
Deschutes Black Butte Porter
Oskar Blues Dale's Pale Ale

Dog Fish Head IPA

Dog Fish Head Hazy-O
New Belgium Fat Tire
Lagunitas IPA
White Claw:  Lime, Black Cherry, Mango
Avery White Rascal
Stone IPA
Odell Sippin Pretty
Ska True Blonde
Dry Dock Apricot Blonde
Denver Beer Co Princess Yum Yum
Juicy Freak IPA

Truly Strawberry Lemonade

Truly Wild Berry

Imports   5.5
Dos Equis Amber
Tecate  5

Model  6

Draught Beer List
Coors Light or Coors Banquet   4.5
Sierra Nevada Hazy IPA   6
Blue Moon   6
Odell 90 Shilling or IPA   6
Stella Artois   6
Guinness (20oz)   7.5
Black & Tan (20oz)   7.5

Non Alcoholic
O'Douls   4

Wine List

Whites   7 Glass / 26 Bottle

Geisen Sauvignon Blanc (NZ)

Line 39 Chardonnay (CA)

Ecco Domani Pinot Grigio (Italy)

Freixenet Blanc Sparkling

Jean-Luc Columbo Rose (France)

Reds   7 Glass / 26 Bottle
Black Station Cabernet (CA)
Tomero Malbec (Argentina)

Argento Malbec (Argentina)
Gnarly Head Zinfandel (CA)
Hayes Valley Merlot

Wines by the Can / 7 Can

Infinite Chimp Peach Belini

Infinite Chimp Sparkling Rose



New Menu Item   Basket of Impossible Chicken Nuggets (plant based but tastes like chicken!)  Served with Mardi Gras Mustard and Mike's Hot Honey   9.95 

New Menu Item   Roadhouse Sauced Impossible Chicken Nuggets (plant based but tastes like chicken!)  Tossed in Roadhouse Wing Sauce and served with Ranch or Blue Cheese   9.95

Basket of Fries   3.95

Chili Cheese Fries   8.95

House made Green Chili & Mexican Cheeses

Basket of Tots   5.45

Dusted with Cajun Spice.  Served with Ranch or Remoulade.

Chili Cheese Tots   9.95

House made Green Chili & Mexican Cheeses

Cajun Chips   2.95

Cajun Popcorn   10.95

Fried Crawfish Tails served with Remoulade

Fried Mushrooms   7.95

Served with Ranch

Fried Pickles   7.95

Served with Ranch

Hot Wings   9.95

Roadhouse House Sauced or Cajun Dry Rub.  Served with Ranch or Blue Cheese

Hush Puppy Basket   4.95

Served with Honey

Onion Rings   7.95

Cajun Onion Rings  8.45

Dusted with Cajun Spice & served with Remoulade 

Hot Sausage Bites   8.95

Hot Link Sausage served with Remoulade

Everything Else

Bourbon Street Salad   10.95

Romaine, cheddar, mushrooms, carrots, tomatoes with Chicken or Catfish (grilled, blackened or fried)

Add Shrimp   +2.00    Add Crawfish   +5.00

Chicken & Andouille Gumbo   Cup 5.95   Bowl 11.95  Quart 24.00

Served with Toast Points.  Bowl comes with side Salad.  

DIPPING SAUCES and SALAD DRESSINGS:  Balsamic, BBQ Sauce, Blue Cheese, Cocktail Sauce, Honey Mustard, Italian, Jalapeno Ranch, Ranch, Remoulade, Tartar Sauce, Wing Sauce

Ask if there's a Special Gumbo of the Week!

Green Chili   Cup 4.50   Bowl 8.95   Quart 13.95

House made pork green chili.  Served with tortillas.  

Po'Boys  traditional Louisiana sandwich.  Served on locally baked French bread, stuffed with your choice of meat or seafood, mayo, remoulade & dressed (lettuce,tomato & pickles)

Louisiana Hot Sausage   7.00/12.95  (half/full)

Catfish (grilled, blackened or fried)   7.50/13.95  (half/full)

Chicken (grilled, blackened or fried)  7.50/12.95 (half/full)

Shrimp (grilled, blackened or fried)  7.50/14.95  (half/full)

Crawfish (fried)  8.00/15.95 (half/full)

Alligator  8.00/15.95 (half/full)

Oyster  when available

Fried Mushroom Po'boy  6.50/11/95 (half/full)

Fried Pickle Po'boy  6.50/11.95  (half/full)

New Menu Item   Impossible Chicken Nugget Po'boy (plant based)   12.95 (full size only)

Friday Special (served Every Day!)   

Half a Po'boy & a cup of Gumbo

Louisiana Hot Sausage   10.95

Chicken   11.95

Catfish   12.95

Shrimp   12.95

Crawfish   13.50

Alligator & Oyster  when available

Fried Mushrooms   10.95

Fried Pickles   10.95


Po'Boy Bowls a Po'boy in a bowl with your choice of meat or seafood or fried mushrooms or fried pickles, rice, lettuce, tomato, remoulade & pickles - NO BREAD!  Sure you can mix it up and add extra (or different) meat or seafood to your bowl, for additional charge.  House favorite is Blackened Shrimp and Louisiana Hot Sausage!!

Louisiana Hot Sausage   11.95
Catfish (grilled, blackened or fried)   12.95
Chicken (grilled, blackened or fried)  10.95 
Shrimp (grilled, blackened or fried)  12.95

Crawfish (fried)  13.95
Alligator & Oyster
  when available

Fried Pickles or Fried Mushrooms  10.95

Red Beans & Rice   9.95

with Andouille sausage.  Served with a side salad. 

Jambalaya   12.95

with blackened Chicken & Andouille sausage.  Served with toast points & a side salad.  

Crawfish Etouffee   15.95

served over steamed rice.  Served with toast points & a side salad.  

Poisson Hymel   19.95

blackened or buttermilk soaked, cornmeal battered fried catfish over Crawfish Etouffee with steamed rice.  Served with toast points & a side salad.  

Catfish Platter   13.95

blackened or buttermilk soaked, cornmeal battered fried catfish with Red Beans & Rice with hush puppies.  Served with a side salad.  

Catfish Basket   11.95

grilled, blackened or buttermilk soaked, cornmeal battered fried catfish, French fries & hush puppies.  Served with tartar sauce.  

Shrimp Basket   12.95

grilled, blackened or fried shrimp, French fries & hush puppies. Served with cocktail sauce.  

Alligator & Oyster  when available

Meatloaf Cheeseburger   13.95  

An 8oz portion of our award winning, house made meatloaf topped with American Cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayo & pickle on a Brioche Bun.   (Hungry?  Ask for a double-double!)   Sub Habanero Jack Cheese +2.00

Pot Roast Burrito   12.95

House made slooooow cooked pot roast, smothered with green chili, Mexican cheeses, lettuce & tomato.  

Add Sour Cream   .50

Pot Roast Chimichanga   12.95

Same as above but FRIED!

Add Sour Cream   .50

Ask if there is a Burger Special!

Lincoln Burger   11.95

8oz brisket, sirloin, chuck patty served with lettuce, tomato, onion & pickle on a Brioche Bun.  Served with French Fries.  

Add American Cheese, Swiss or Cheddar  +1.00   Add Habanero Jack Cheese +2.00   Add sauteed Mushrooms, sauteed Onions  +1.00 ea.  Add Bacon  +1.50  Make it Vegetarian and sub with a Hemp Burger! +3.00

Cajicun Burger   14.95

8oz brisket, sirloin, chuck  patty blackened, topped with American cheese & Red Beans, wrapped in a tortilla & smothered with Green Chili, topped with Mexican cheeses, green onion & tomatoes.  Served with French Fries.  

Fried Mushroom & Cheddar Burger   12.95

8oz brisket, sirloin, chuck patty topped with fried mushrooms & cheddar on a Brioche Bun. Served with French Fries.   Make it Vegetarian and sub with a Hemp Burger! +3.00

Fried Pickle  & Cheddar Burger   12.95

8oz brisket, sirloin, chuck patty topped with fried pickles & cheddar on a Brioche Bun.  Served with French Fries.  Make it Vegetarian and sub with a Hemp Burger! +3.00

......and for Dessert

Lafayette Bread Pudding   6.95

French bread soaked in rum sauce with Chantilly cream (NO RAISINS!)

Our bread is baked locally and delivered fresh, never frozen, 3 times a week.  

Regarding Gluten....while we do have some "gluten friendly" items, the food may not be entirely gluten-free

because it is prepared in the same kitchen as gluten-containing foods. 

Blues Bar and Cajun Cafe